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Plus assez de temps libre pour maintenir ce site.
Je le laisse tout de même en ligne.


rFactor : Xml Results Parser (Abandonné)

rFactor : Xml Results Parser (HTML/XSL/XML/JAVASCRIPT)

Statut : Développement arrêté 01-2008 / Development stopped 01-2008


I am french, excuse me if my english isn't perfect :)

This is a small web page to present you my rFactor Xml Results Parser.

Indeed when you race, you have a Xml file created by the game. Not very easy to see informations ...

With Xsl & Javascript & Css, the same file appears like THAT.
You can see different informations (Serveur / Results / Laps details for each drivers / Averages ...)

I also included parser for xml files on serveur like THAT.

My rFactor Xml Results Parser only supports RACE & QUALIFY files.

I have found some problem with column "Series".
In example, GP2 appears like :
   <VehiclesAllowed>|Hammer|2005|Hammer6|HammerCompR| ... |ZType</VehiclesAllowed>
Series aren't detected correctly by the game. Have to correct manually in the xml file with :

Download rFactor Xml Results Parser
Download rFactor Xml Results Parser

(Manual in zip file + Read config.php)



  • 01/01/2008
    Development stopped.
    ! Problem with xslt_create() in PHP5 -> That's why 'resultsFiles_transform.php4' is in PHP4 !
  • 15/12/2006
    Correction with some XML log files > 200Ko.
    Now there is no more limitation (filesize of the file).
  • 18/10/2006
    To solve some problems with server configuration ($_GET - contains the variables passed in the URL).
    (Contacted and solved for f1elites.com)
  • 01/07/2006
    Correction of Javascript sort bug (Hour & Minute)
  • 24/03/2006
    Corrections of some bugs / problems (Sort / Gain / Gap in race if there is +X Laps / XML file size limited now to 200Ko )
  • 05/03/2006
    Release source code.

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